U.S. Men’s and Women’s Volleyball Team Stand Out on Real Division in Rio Olympics

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 Before five years Micah Christenson was attributed as a dual sport athlete and this was stated in the magazine faces in the crowd. Micah Christenson is a specialist in both volleyball along with basketball state titles in his senior years. Though, he was raised by his father Robert. His mother named as Charlene had won three national championships in volleyball correspondingly at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. While Christenson completed his high school at that time,  he had more knowledge and experience on how to manage the teams with many athletes. He is always playing with self-assurance and determination. Because of their self confidence, the 23 years old settler will now be an important part of the United States’ men’s volleyball team at the Rio De Janeiro 2016  Olympic games. Christenson belonged to the 12 men named to the team last month subsequent to the four year selection process.

Christenson team and their talents

The team comprises of two Olympic gold medalists, four returning Olympians as well as the eight newcomers. Christenson is not a famous star along with the team. Rather, the team is an ultimate team and will look to jump back to the Olympic platform after completing the fifth at the London 2012 games. The United States volleyball team is ranked as the fifth position in the FIVB world rankings and will participate in Rio in Olympic pool A. The other Olympic team that includes world No. 1 Brazil, no.4 Italy, no. 10 France and no. 24 Mexico. The team is selected for the games by winning the 2015 FIVB volleyball men’s world cup. The buy-in from everyone is contributing to make an ultimate team idea. Christenson argued it is really easy to become result-oriented or angry at other players on how the team is doing in the moment.

Olympic appearance of U.S. men’s team

Christenson has been the youngest player to have ever participated for the U.S.national team, having started their  senior level career at the age of twenty itself and now he plays professionally in Italy. He is among the new batch of players who have made an impression in their first, second or third year on the national team. The expert side players are outside hitter Reid Priddy along with the middle blocker David Lee. They both were the members of the Beijing 2008 Olympic gold winning team. For Priddy, this will be the fourth Olympic Games  with Lloyd Ball for the largest part of  Olympic emergences by a U.S. men’s volleyball player. While, for middle blocker David Smith, this is the second Olympic Games and this will be helpful for the development between the older and younger players and keep the team united. All the members of  the U.S. team split the leadership role and are focused on what to do next, said by smith. He knows that the communication between the team members and team collaboration is important to make a strong winning team.

U.S. women’s volleyball team in Olympics

The U.S.women’s volleyball team consists of four Olympic silver medalists and eight newcomers and targeted to win gold medal after winning silver during the past two  Olympic games. They are currently ranked  No.1 in the world and headed into the Rio 2016 Olympic games. The U.S.women have won six of their eight tournaments. The most recent tournament , which they won is FIVB world grand pix title after getting silver to Olympic host Brazil. In the U.S. men’s and  women’s team, ten of the twelve players on the Olympic list are added to that remarkable win.

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