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Novac Djokovic is a Serbian professional Tennis player playing with an overall World ranking 1 in Men’s Singles tennis. He was born on 22nd May 1987 in Serbia and has already won 12 Grand Slam singles Titles which is the “fourth most” achievement till now. He has been holding the no. 1 spot in the world for 207 weeks in total which is a real long time to have held such a great title. Moreover, he has also registered six  AUSTRALIAN OPEN TITLES to his name, including an Open Era record of three consecutive titles from 2011-2013 thereby becoming the first and the only player who has achieved this. The surprising aspect is that he has been playing tennis since he was just 4.

In addition, he has also won 3 WIMBLEDON TITLES, 2 US OPEN TITLES and 1 FRENCH OPEN TITLE . This year only he emerged out to be the eighth player in the history to achieve the CAREER GRAND SLAM. After winning the French Open 2016 title he became the third Man on the planet to hold all four major titles at once and also the first ever to achieve this on three different surfaces (hardcourt, clay and grass).

Other titles:

  • Has won the ATP WORLD TOUR FINALS five times ( 4 being won consecutively thereby creating an Era Record)
  • Also won bronze medal in men’s singles at the 2008 Summer Olympics.
  • Holds the best match winning rate of 83.05% in Open Era.
  • Djokovic stands alone with all-time record of 29 Masters 1000 Series.

Apart from all this he has also been the recipient of several other Awards and is treated like a king in the entire tennis world.


Andrew Barron Murray, in short Andy Murray is also one of the famous personalities in the field of tennis and holds the no. 2 spot in World Tennis Ranking. He was born on 15th May 1987 which hold the difference of just 7 days from Djokovic’s DOB.He is a Scottish player basically and represents Great Britain in his sporting activities.

He is a 3 time Grand Slam tournament winner, Olympic Champion and also a Davis cup winner. His elder brother, Jamie Murray is a former World No. 1 doubles player.


–  Won gold medal defeating Roger Federer at the 2012 Olympic Games thereby becoming the      first British Champion in over 100 years.

–  Won  a silver medal in the mixed doubles  with Laura Robson.

–  At 2012 Us Open , Murray won a Grand Slam singles tournament.

– Became the only British male to have won a Grand Slam title during the Open Era.

-In 2013, Murray won the 2013 Wimbledon Championship becoming the first British player to win the Men’s singles Championship  after about 77 years.

–  Only player to have won Olympic Gold and the US OPEN title in the same Calender year.

–  Won 2013 BBC Sports Personality of the Year .

–  In 2016 Gentlemen’s Singles, Murray won his Second Wimbledon title.

–  Has scored a total 34 wins and 7 losses with the British Davis Cup team.

Beside all these he has been the runner-up in eight other singles Grand Slam Finals.His strong determination and the will to do better everytime has already gave him the second spot in the world.


He is considered to be one of the greatest tennis players of all time by various Sports Analysts. There are so much records in the name of Roger that it seems really hard sometimes to specify every one of them. There is hardly any title or tag that he has not won over the time he started playing  and this does not stop here , seems there are lot more to be achieved. Roger Federer has won the  17 Grand Slam Titles in total which is the maximum by any player till now. Although he stands at the no. 3 spot in the World Tennis Rankings but still he is the most loved and the worshipped player in the history of tennis till now. Besides winning 17 Grand Slam titles he has also reached a record 27 Grand Slam finals, 23 consecutive semifinals and 36 consecutive quarter finals. He is one of the eight man to have won the Career Grand Slam title too.

Other achievements:

-He is one of the three players to win two different Grand Slams namely WIMBLEDON and US OPEN atleast  5 times and that too consecutively from 2003-07 for Wimbledon and 2004-08 in US OPEN..

– Spent 302 weeks being the no. 1 ranked player in the world.

-Has won 9 hard court Grand Slam titles and 60 hardcourt titles in total, 15 grass court titles and 11 clay court titles.

-Won an all-time record 7 Swiss Indoors titles.

– Has registered 5 consecutive wins at the US OPEN .

-Is the only player to have registered atleast 10 titles on three different surfaces.

Due to his success ,65 grass court wins he was considered to be the finest grasscourt tennis player of all times.

Still there are lot more achievements where he still stands alone with no competitor even nearby to his records. He is truly a legendary player the world has ever got. Roger Federer is still up practising for his upcoming matches.His hard work and people’s love for him have took it beyond the boundaries and heights in achieving titles.

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