Surprise for Tennis players on US open Championship

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After many years, US open championship serves decided to increase the pay for Tennis players. Now they will get their pay on 10% extra from their last drawn. Coming August 29, they decided to increase the pay of Tennis players. This sudden hike terms will make every player on happy mood. Actually for this year, tournament offers $46.3 million for competition its a Surprise for Tennis players on US open Championship.

So the money was offered more than they budgeted, the Association decided to hike their salaries over past years. Moreover, many famous tournaments are happening in Tennis Association like Wimbledon, French Open and Australian Open. In the history of Tennis, this year Tennis association ready to sponsor on huge amounts for both tournament and players.

This will be likely to know by the direct Association members. So it was, officially confirmed.  Now the players on top level will tend to extend their pay and talents on peak. As a hope on players, Association tends to this decision. For this much effort made by associations, players have to perform well on upcoming championship. The payment details for players was hiked 10% over from last year.

In this tournament every men and women champions will be awarded $3.5 million as the winner. And runners will be awarded $1.7 million as a cash award. And each and every player participating in this tournament will be awarded with $43,300 as prize amount. This is about Single championship players.

Team in doubles also hiked:

Not only for single champions, even for double champion payers are also hiked by 10% from their last drawn. The winning champions in the double’s team will be awarded $625,000 for take home. And for Runner association will provide $310,000. Not only for winners and runners, top seven placed payers are also awarded with $15,510 as prize amount.

Now the survey states that, Serena Williams was the highest paid women’s champion in Tennis Association. And the increment will not stops up to this year, it will continue on 2017 also. By the next year, this goal was extended to $50 million. So players in Tennis Association will be happier than ever. USTA has decided this hike percentage as common for all not about their performance.

Chris Widmaier, spokesperson of USTA said that, they made a perfect commitment for players in Tennis Association. That’s the reason for the increment. At first, USTA decided to hike for top players then it was briefly discussed and decided to provide hike for all players participating in US championship.

Highly paid champions:

They want this decision to stop criticism against athletes and players with tennis. “That’s not about senior and junior player, everyone will be awarded if they proved their talents”said by Chris. Now the ticket sale was started in the US open sport which was sponsored by Some Television channels and Corporate. They had their moto for this sponsorship as invest in the sport.

They have decided to invest more money on Tennis to make more popular among the world. The latest Wimbledon championship winner Serena Williams was spotted at the success party on US. The most paid player was not enough to control their feeling on the joy of victory. She tied with Steffi graph’s record of winning 22 times. Soon she will break Steffi’s record in Tennis.

The cash award taken by Serena Williams for Wimbledon championship was £340,000 as doubles and $2.49 million as single. That’s the reason of partying in US by Serena. Money can be spent, but the victory, she deserves will remains ever strong. Let’s make to courage to proud of her 22nd victory. Celebration begins between Serena and Murray.

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