Ranji Trophy Matches Recommended By Ganguly And Co

Ranji Trophy Matches Recommended By Ganguly And Co

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The board of technical committee in the BCCI, now Ganguly and Co recommended about some changes in that the two major things is in the season of 2016 to 17 domestic seasons. After taken the words from him they arrange the meeting which was forward to shows about their ideas which are hosting for all Ranji games to be fixed for neutral places but for domestic cricket to be more competitive. For that suggesting day night trophy which involves four teams it would be picked from the help of national selectors.

BCCI recommendations are now processing

So the recommendations are now processing which are presented in the committee of BCCI meeting for getting clear idea about the process. In the state associations, by practicing different kinds of pitches which suits for their favorite teams and their strength which meant to gain benefits from lots of Ranji matches. The committee thought playing all those leagues in the neutral areas which would be rule out those issues those are related to wickets which are specific one from the home teams and also well the players have to expose their talents and also have to increase their talents by facing in the same kind of pitch.

Ranji Trophy Matches Recommended By Ganguly And Co

Ranji Trophy Matches Recommended By Ganguly And Co

In the meantime, the approach of duleep trophy on the cards which was seen after deodhar matches that was playing under A and B teams of India and Gujarat. It has fifty over match as per last season. The reason behind for new recommendations which was so ensure those all matches of Ranji game performers get some chance to push in the case of national selection. In the duleep trophy matches are not held because owning the t20 matches are held which are commitments under international way.

And it should be the key matches in the future tournaments of 2016-17 seasons. And also in the later of this year the team India has played test matches in few months around to play test matches in their home grounds. And the committee planned to fix atleast one match under the lights then only players have to practice under lights to show how to perform likewise they can practice to hit the ball under lights. Because the pink ball should not clear under the lights and even no one have to perform under lights with the help of that ball.

The Ganguly and Co recommended things are so valuable one which could be discussed under the next committee meetings. So the new president would take a decision which was useful to the youngsters by giving such motivation to do something in the Cricket. With the help of committee only those things are possible so will take the right decision for the future of players would be more helpful. By playing test matches under lights is also valuable one so the committee can decide to take some different approaches to gain knowledge about test cricket in depth manner.

The BCCI taking some different approaches which was helpful to the young players to train under lights using pink color ball. This type of auction comes under one strong personality should raise their voice against such new things to be implemented in the cricketing field. So, hope this committee can take some new decisions. And the committee also co joined with all the members who are admitted this idea can appeal against the new things who are interested to implement. Probably everyone should support for the new ideas, if any kind of issues regarding this those things are also discussed and then take the necessary steps to solve the issue and then to go the next steps.

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