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THE MIGHTIEST CRICKET BATS IN THE WORLD – Cricket, also known as the “Gentlemen’s Game” not only proved the title right but also has shown a lot of improvements in its standards among various other sports in the last two decades. Cricketers now have started loving the game because of being equipped with the best quality gears and kits. They now want to make every moment of their careers better and better, injecting every single drop of their passion in their performances on the field.

Great gears that helped many players

One of these gears that helped these players emerge out passionately before everyone are their Bats. These bats too are not lesser than any stars in their stardom. It takes a lot of perfection while making such bats on which he players can rely blind-foldedly. It is the entire career of the batsman that is put on stake while playing before crores and these bats serve as the armours guarding their name, fame, performance and everything from being spoiled.



As an audience we never pay too much attention to their bats or the gears. It’s natural. Everyone is more eager to see their team win than anything else. But the players check out a lot of things before buying and using these bats. These bats are not just limited to their fine physical appearances, rather it’s their anatomy that makes them superior over others. So here are one of the mightiest and superfine bats in the world and their specifications:


This amazing cricket bat is mostly famous for its powerful hitting zones. These bats are made up of super fine grade quality English Willow wood fibre. It is one of those bats that every batsman wants to play with or have dreamt about. The wood used for making these bats is carefully picked according to their Weight, Properties and Grain weight which makes it clear that how much perfection results into a Puma Ballistic Bat. It is mostly preferred in the T20 format because of the well balanced powerful shots hit by them.

Other Features:

  • GRIP: Unique Multi textured Puma Grip for best grip and control.
  • WEIGHT: 2lb 6oz (1075 Gms) to 2lb 12oz (1250 gms).
  • ENDORSED AND USED BY: Yuvraj Singh, Adam Gilchrist, Brendon McCullum and Marlon Samuels
  • TOE: Puma Toe protector that prevents wood swelling due to moisture uptake from the fields.
  • BLADE: Edges are thick and the blade is slightly curved in the middle.


Adidas as we all know is a reputed brand that not only gets involved in the sports but also manufactures a lot of sports items like jerseys, gloves, pads, helmets and even bats. Adidas Incurza is the finest quality bat that is manufactured by the adidas group. It also stands among the most attractive bats in the world. It serves the major role when an attacking game is on demand.

It has nice stroking efficiency over most of its zones that makes it considerable among the famous cricketers for their shots. All these bats need is just the timing. These are lighter to lift and is made up of good quality fibre selected by keeping various parameters under consideration.

Other Features:

  • WEIGHT: 2lb 7oz(1100 gms) to 2lb 12oz (1250 gms)
  • STRUCTURE: Sculpted shoulder and has a low powerful middle as its sweet spot.
  • ENDORSED BY: Sachin Tendulkar, Kevin Petersen, Ravindra Jadeja and Suresh Raina.


These are the best and the most trusted bats in this entire universe. They are recommended for the best performances because they have lighter lift ups and powerful stroking efficiency. These are also stylish with a comfortable natural balance. Middle zone is strong and the edges are thick.

Other Features:

  • MADE OF: Grade 1 English Willow fibre
  • GRIP: Max TrioOctopus Extreme
  • SWEET SPOT: Mid Blade
  • WEIGHT: 2lb 7oz (1100 gms) to 3 lb 4oz (1475 gms)
  • FACE: Flat face
  • SCALLOP: Slightly concave (4-5mm)
  • ENDORSED BY: AB de Villiers, Martin Guptill, Ricky ponting that clarifies the mark of being the best.


These are also one of the finest quality grade a bats in the world manufactured by the Kookaburra Cricket Bats company. These bats also have the highest quality English Willow fibre (dried after the harvest) in them making it capable enough to stand alongside with the mightiest bats. These bats do have an Angry Beast appearance and power in its strokes.

Other Features:

  • GRIP: Red Snake Grip
  • WEIGHT: 2lb 7oz (1150 gms) to 3lb (1350 gms) and is slightly concave.
  • ENDORSED BY: Brad Haddin, Brad Hodge, Simon Katich and Mathew Wade.


These bats are as powerful as a Spartan and is used by those cricketers only who believe and has the Spartan strength in their mindsets and bodies. This is the reason why they are named as Spartan and Spartan CG Authority manufactures them. They exhibit the most explosive power when hit to the ball as if some spring provides when compressed.

The edges of these bats are really thick and have a large no. of sweet spots on it. These bats are made up of Super Grade English Willow fibre that gives them the finest of the efficiency to hit and score. Handle is made up of a mixture of Rubber and Cane so as to provide flexibility and control to the batsman.

Other Features:

  • WEIGHT: 2lb 10oz(1200 gms) to 3lb (1350 gms)
  • HANDLE: Round handle made up of a mixture of Cane and rubber.
  • FACE: flat face
  • TOE: Squared to increase the bottom hitting are and to lower the gravity of the bat that improves the ease to swing it high.
  • ENDORSED BY: Chris Gayle, M.S. Dhoni, and Michael Clarke.

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